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It literally seems like just last year that I was shooting her first birthday cake smash! EmmaV_Edit-9464EmmaV_Edit-9464

She has grown into such a SWEET girl...and WOW, what a photogenic beauty.  Dad...watch out!!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from this session!

Emma_blog2Emma_blog2 Emma_Blog3Emma_Blog3 Emma_blog4Emma_blog4



Thank you Kirsten, for bringing her back to see me year, after year.  I truly love our annual session and watching her grown into such a special and beautiful young lady!


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The Dabrowski Family | Fall 2016 http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2016/10/the-dabrowski-family-fall-2016 I always, ALWAYS have so much fun with this family.  I really look forward to seeing them each session.  This was my fifth with them, and I just couldn't believe how big and handsome they both were.  Older brother even told his mom "Miss Kerri is going to tell me how big and handsome I am."  He was exactly right!

The brothers (really the entire family) are GREAT in front of the camera.  Funny, comfortable and cooperative.  That combined with a picture perfect location equal what I consider a fabulous session...check it out for yourself!


Dabrowski_Blog1Dabrowski_Blog1 Dabrowski_Blog2Dabrowski_Blog2 Dabrowski_Blog3Dabrowski_Blog3 Dabrowski_Blog4Dabrowski_Blog4 Dabrowski_Blog5Dabrowski_Blog5 Dabrowski_Blog6Dabrowski_Blog6 Dabrowski_Blog7Dabrowski_Blog7 Dabrowski_Blog8Dabrowski_Blog8 Dabrowski_Blog9Dabrowski_Blog9


Thanks D Family for another great evening.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


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Alyse | Patriot High School Class of '17 http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2016/10/alyse-patriot-high-school-class-of-17 I had so much fun shooting this senior.  Alyse has such a sweet smile...AND personality.  She was a delight to work with.  After many days of rain, the sun finally came out, giving us some beautiful light to work with!  Take a look at some sneak peek images from Alyse's session!

Alyse_blog5Alyse_blog5 Alyse_blog1Alyse_blog1 Alyse_blog4Alyse_blog4 Alyse_blog2Alyse_blog2 Alyse_blog3Alyse_blog3 Alyse_blog6Alyse_blog6 Alyse_blog7Alyse_blog7 Alyse_blog8Alyse_blog8 Alyse_blog9Alyse_blog9

I am still booking senior '17 sessions.  More information on sessions can be found HERE, or you can contact me for more information!


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Looking for Class of 2016 Senior Ambassadors | WLP Senior Edition http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2015/7/class-of-2016-senior-ambassadors-wanted-wlp-senior-edition  


For a limited time WLP | Senior Edition is offering a special on all senior portrait packages for students who would like to participate in our Senior Rep Program.

These students will act as Ambassadors for WLP | Senior Edition, receiving a discount on their choice of portrait package, as well as bonus incentives for all referrals!!  

If you are interested in booking an Ambassador Session, please contact me.  A limited number of these Ambassador Sessions will be booked, so don't delay!

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Tristan is Four | Haymarket, Va. Birthday Session http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2015/7/tristan-is-four-haymarket-va-birthday-session This cute kiddo celebrated his 4th birthday with a photo session!!  I mean...could he be any more adorable?  
And, I just love the sign momma made with all of his favorites, listed.

Baby brother came along, too...so I got to snap some cute photos of the boys together, and love that mom jumped in a few as well.  
Hope you enjoy this sweet birthday session!

TristanisFOUR_WLSblog1TristanisFOUR_WLSblog1 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog2TristanisFOUR_WLSblog2 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog3TristanisFOUR_WLSblog3 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog4TristanisFOUR_WLSblog4 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog5TristanisFOUR_WLSblog5 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog6TristanisFOUR_WLSblog6

TristanisFOUR_WLSblog7TristanisFOUR_WLSblog7 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog8TristanisFOUR_WLSblog8 TristanisFOUR_WLSblog9TristanisFOUR_WLSblog9



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Welcome to the World Baby Girl... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2015/6/welcome-to-the-world-baby-girl This little girl...she is LOVED, beyond measure!!  

SydneyNewborn_WLSblog1dSydneyNewborn_WLSblog1d With a bit of a rough start and an unanticipated NICU stay, her newborn photos were not as "new" as had been planned, but she was still the sweetest.  We didn't have a great deal of time to work with, but I am in LOVE with these images so much.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! SydneyNewborn_WLSblog1cSydneyNewborn_WLSblog1c SydneyNewborn_WLSblog1bSydneyNewborn_WLSblog1b SydneyNewborn_WLSblog1aSydneyNewborn_WLSblog1a

These next two were from another quick session at one month old, to get an image for a birthday present for daddy (using his high school football helmet!).  :)  I just love how it looks as though she is holding up her finger as if to say "my daddy's #1".  



kerri@withlovestudio.com (With Love Photography) Haymarket, VA Newborn Photographer Haymarket, Va Photographer Photographer newborn newborn photographer newborn photography photography http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2015/6/welcome-to-the-world-baby-girl Fri, 05 Jun 2015 15:00:00 GMT
The Three Musketeers... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/the-three-musketeers I know I have said it before, but I really hold a special place in my heart for mommas of three boys!  Growing up I babysat for three young brothers for nearly six years.  I don't pretend to know what the day-to-day must be like for these women, but I know it's some kind of combination of exhaustion, exuberation and ENERGY!  Yet these moms make it look like it's just No. Big. Deal.  This is a family of three young boys (8, 6 and 3) and take a look at this momma...she's amazing!


And she always does a wonderful job with their family outfits.  While the November weather in Virginia is always kind of unpredictable, it looked like we were going to luck out with some good weather for their session this year (which I was REALLY hoping for, since her poor little guys FROZE at our session last year).  But, lo and behold, a cold front moved in late in the week and the unseasonably warm temps we had experienced took a 20+ degree dip and it turned a little blustery.  So, what is a momma to do when she realized her outfits are no longer weather appropriate?  Well yes, she goes shopping.  And I absolutely love the sweater look she put together!

Pilon_Fall14-3912_edit_webPilon_Fall14-3912_edit_web After three years of shooting this family, these guys are finally becoming more comfortable around me around me, so it didn't take as long for them to open up this year.  Check out my favs from this session!  I especially love this one of the three brothers.  You can just see how close they are!

Pilon_Fall14-3930_edit_webPilon_Fall14-3930_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-3987_edit_webPilon_Fall14-3987_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-3994_edit_webPilon_Fall14-3994_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-3997_edit_webPilon_Fall14-3997_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4161_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4161_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4152_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4152_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4076-2_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4076-2_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4063BW_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4063BW_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4066_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4066_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4031_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4031_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4043_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4043_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4020_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4020_edit_web Pilon_Fall14-4018_edit_webPilon_Fall14-4018_edit_web and my ABSOLUTE favorite!


Thanks {P} Family.  I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.  I would love to hear what you think in the comments of the blog or Facebook.  Please feel free to share this post online if you love it!!

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A Beautiful Day in the Countryside... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-beautiful-day-in-the-countryside Oh. My. Goodness!!  I have LOVED having all of these new locations to shoot at this fall.  It's always a little nerve wracking to shoot a family at a location they have chosen, one that I'm unfamiliar with.  I typically try to arrive a little early to scout it out before they get there.  But this particular location was SO large that it was simply overwhelming.  I just loved the various places we ended up shooting and the variety of shots we got.  I hope you love these Caroline!  I simply had the worst time selecting a few favorites.

Dickens_Fall14-4304_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4304_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4324_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4324_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4363_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4363_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4384_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4384_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4406_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4406_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4424_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4424_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4458_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4458_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4471_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4471_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4514BW_Edit_webDickens_Fall14-4514BW_Edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4566_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4566_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4535_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4535_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4294BW_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4294BW_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4263_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4263_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4280_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4280_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4276_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4276_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4250_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4250_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4211_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4211_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-4225_edit_webDickens_Fall14-4225_edit_web Dickens_Fall14-433843comp_edit_webDickens_Fall14-433843comp_edit_web

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.  I would love to hear what you think in the comments of the blog or Facebook.  Please feel free to share this post online if you love it!!


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Two Silly Siblings... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/two-silly-siblings I was told by mom ahead of time that while she has been able to capture some good individual shots of her kiddos, that great shot of them together has been a tough one to capture.  From the moment I read that statement, I felt like I had a challenge on my hands.  I have to say that I completely agree with her assessments of her children being adorable subjects and yes...individual shots were done pretty easily (aside from some silly faces here and there!).

Molina_Fall14-3861_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3861_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3885_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3885_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3743_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3743_edit_web He had this whole picture thing down.  I mean seriously...I think he could be a model... Molina_Fall14-3799_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3799_edit_web Well really...both of them could!  How sweet does she look here?

Molina_Fall14-3734_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3734_edit_web Now...put them side-by-side and ... yes, those beautiful natural smiles weren't quite as natural and easy to come by, but I think we succeeded!


Molina_Fall14-384850comp_edit_webMolina_Fall14-384850comp_edit_web Molina_Fall14-383546comp_edit_webMolina_Fall14-383546comp_edit_web

The family shots...wow, well let's just say you can see why these two little people are as photogenic as they are.  What a beautiful family!! 

Molina_Fall14-381828comp_edit_webMolina_Fall14-381828comp_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3823_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3823_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3831BW_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3831BW_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3895_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3895_edit_web Molina_Fall14-3890_edit_webMolina_Fall14-3890_edit_web

If you like these images, I would love for you to share this post or comment below!


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A Family On the Move... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-family-on-the-move I'll give you three guesses as to why I think this momma is amazing...but you'll probably only need one!  However, you may need to scroll down through all of the pictures to see what I'm talking about.  ;)

Loved spending time with this family.  Beautiful subjects only added to the joy of this session.  While older brother was often times very stoic and not very giving with his smiles,  and the boys were super active and on the move...these were still some of the most well behaved children I have had the pleasure of working with.  The weather was not the best, but these three kiddos (ages 4, 2 and 1) were super cooperative and happy! 

Thanks momma for braving the colder weather so that we could capture your family's love on camera.  I absolutely loved our time together and really hope that you love your images!


Bender_Fall14-340406comp_edit_webBender_Fall14-340406comp_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3399BW_edit_webBender_Fall14-3399BW_edit_web Bender_Fall14-338387comp_edit_webBender_Fall14-338387comp_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3426BW_edit_webBender_Fall14-3426BW_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3370_edit_webBender_Fall14-3370_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3622_edit_webBender_Fall14-3622_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3486_edit_webBender_Fall14-3486_edit_web Bender_Fall14-352_edit_webBender_Fall14-352_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3661_edit_webBender_Fall14-3661_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3440_edit_webBender_Fall14-3440_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3652_edit_webBender_Fall14-3652_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3684_edit_webBender_Fall14-3684_edit_web

And now you can see why I think this is one Am.A.Zing momma!  Yes, that's right.  Momma is pregnant with baby #4...in addition to a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old!  And do you know that I'm not sure I heard her even one hint of exasperation in her voice the entire time we were together.  She simple exuded love, graciousness and peace. 

Bender_Fall14-36993701comp_edit_webBender_Fall14-36993701comp_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3718_edit_webBender_Fall14-3718_edit_web Bender_Fall14-3729_edit_webBender_Fall14-3729_edit_web

Thanks for a great session {B} Family!!  If you enjoyed this post or the images shared here, I would love for you to leave me a comment or even share this post with your friends and family.


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A Walk in the Woods... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-walk-in-the-woods I love hooking up with this family for their annual photo session every year.  Not only because mom is one of my very dearest friends and one of the most giving people I know, but also because they are just so. much. fun!  I mean the love and joy just oozes from them.  See for yourself...


I am always on the hunt for new session locations and just love it when my clients have their own ideas.  It makes for such a fresh session.  Not having ever been on this particular trail, I was completely at the mercy of dad.  He started down the trail and said "there's another bridge a little further out".  We started walking and came to this little break on the trail and the light was too much for me to resist.  So we took a quick pit stop here.

Johanson_Fall14-2536_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2536_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2525_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2525_edit_web Then we continued on the trail and ended up HERE!  I just LOVED everything about this locations.  Cool bridge and amazing light made for a very hard time narrowing down my favorites.  ;)

Johanson_Fall14-2721_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2721_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2792-2_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2792-2_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2588_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2588_edit_web

Johanson_Fall14-2639_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2639_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-266568comp_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-266568comp_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2612_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2612_edit_web

These next two pictures TOTALLY stole my heart and brought tears to my eyes the first time I looked at them on my computer.  I mean look at the love!

Johanson_Fall14-2624_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2624_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2628_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2628_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2757_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2757_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2771_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2771_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2683_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2683_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2550_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2550_edit_web


Johanson_Fall14-2604_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2604_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2738_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2738_edit_web Johanson_Fall14-2805_edit_webJohanson_Fall14-2805_edit_web

I hope you enjoyed this session preview.  And as always, I would love for you to share these images, pin your favorites or even leave me some love in the comments!  Thanks {J} Family for another fun session!



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Some Outdoorsy Little Boys... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/some-outdoorsy-little-boys I ALWAYS look forward to meeting up with this momma and her men.  One, because they are just adorable and fun to hang around with!  Two...because this momma has some serious style and I just love seeing what she pulls together for their outfits.  And she did not disappoint with this fall's selections!  I just LOVE the outdoorsy feel of their outfits, complete with their vest and sherpa hats.  SO FUN!

It was quite blustery this particular day, so it took a little while for the boys to "warm" up to me today...


ReynoldsFall14-315558comp_edit_webReynoldsFall14-315558comp_edit_web But having done at least two sessions a year with them for the past three years, I've become a bit of a familiar face to them and love the genuine smiles that eventually do come!  I think it helped that Daddy, Gramma and Auntie were there to help coerce some smiles, but hey, I'll take it!


I know it's not the perfect "everyone looking at the camera, smiling shot", but there is just something about the feel of this particular shot that I love.  Maybe it's momma's slight lean in toward her man, or how she has her arm around that little guy that is growing too fast.  Or maybe it's the little man she is holding staring at his momma.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I do love it...perfect posed or not! ReynoldsFall14-322527comp_edit_webReynoldsFall14-322527comp_edit_web After they warmed up a little, I was able to get some individual smiles from all three of her little boys! ReynoldsFall14-3037_Edit_webReynoldsFall14-3037_Edit_web ReynoldsFall14-3193_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3193_edit_web ReynoldsFall14-3346_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3346_edit_web ReynoldsFall14-3252_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3252_edit_web ReynoldsFall14-3283_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3283_edit_web ReynoldsFall14-3260_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3260_edit_web And the coveted shot of ALL three brothers sitting...together...AND smiling.  Yep -- mission accomplished!!  There may or may not have been some bribery involved with this shot.  I'll never tell.  ;) ReynoldsFall14-3310comp_edit_webReynoldsFall14-3310comp_edit_web

I hope you enjoyed this session preview.  And as always, I would love for you to share these images, pin your favorites or even leave me some love in the comments!


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A big brother to be... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-big-brother-to-be First of all...how beautiful is this momma to be!?!

Deel-2388_edit_webDeel-2388_edit_web And then add this adorable little (VERY ACTIVE) little boy and his handsome daddy into the pictures...

Deel-2356_edit_webDeel-2356_edit_web and you end up with a session full of images like this!

Deel-2336_edit_webDeel-2336_edit_web I'm telling you, I felt like ever image out of this session was gallery worth.  Even with some cooler temps and this active little guy running around, I had a blast with this family.  I can't wait to meet their newest little guy and see how great Mr. L is as a big brother!  Hope you enjoy these favorites...

Deel-2257_edit_webDeel-2257_edit_web Deel-2262_edit_webDeel-2262_edit_web Deel-2284_edit_webDeel-2284_edit_web Deel-2364_edit_webDeel-2364_edit_web Deel-2379_edit_webDeel-2379_edit_web Deel-2302_edit_webDeel-2302_edit_web Deel-2369_edit_webDeel-2369_edit_web Deel-2426_edit_webDeel-2426_edit_web Deel-2444_edit_webDeel-2444_edit_web And lastly, after being so cooperative and generous with his smiles, I thought it was time for some fun with the leaves... Deel-2413_edit_webDeel-2413_edit_web


kerri@withlovestudio.com (With Love Photography) http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-big-brother-to-be Sat, 15 Nov 2014 17:23:06 GMT
Two Bubbly Brothers... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/two-bubbly-brothers It was such a pleasure to work with this family!  These two brother are just precious and totally FULL of smiles.  I mean, I think I heard "cheese" more times in this one session that in the past month, COMBINED!!  I told them I was going to record them saying it, because it was impossibly NOT to smile when hearing it.  ;)

Cho-1902_edit_webCho-1902_edit_web Cho-2171_edit_webCho-2171_edit_web Cho-2162_edit_webCho-2162_edit_web Cho-2209_edit_webCho-2209_edit_web Cho-2144_edit_webCho-2144_edit_web


Cho-2093_edit_webCho-2093_edit_web Cho-1973_edit_webCho-1973_edit_web Cho-1916_edit_webCho-1916_edit_web Cho-1930_edit_webCho-1930_edit_web Cho-1950_edit_webCho-1950_edit_web   Cho-2237_edit_webCho-2237_edit_web

kerri@withlovestudio.com (With Love Photography) Bristow, VA Photographer Bristow, Va Mini Sessions Children's Photography Family Photography Gainesville Gainesville, VA Photographer Haymarket, Va Mini Sessions Haymarket, Va Photographer Mini Mini-Sessions Northern Virginia Mini Sessions Photographer Prince William County Mini Sessions Sessions" Va Warrenton, Va Mini Sessions http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/two-bubbly-brothers Wed, 12 Nov 2014 23:38:49 GMT
A Lovely Little Lady... http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/11/a-lovely-little-lady Can you believe the eyes on this little girl? 


Daddy, watch out...because you are going to have a beauty on your hands I do believe!  Loved working with this family.  It was so easy to see how much momma and daddy adore their little lady, and I think the smiles I got back from her are a reflection of the amount of love that she receives.

Jones-1603_edit_webJones-1603_edit_web Jones-1616_edit_webJones-1616_edit_web Jones-1644_edit_webJones-1644_edit_web

I just LOVE how both of their babies are sticking their tongues out here!


I think Daddy is smitten...

Jones-1620_edit_webJones-1620_edit_web Jones-1692_edit_webJones-1692_edit_web But with a face like this...who wouldn't be?!?

Jones-1649_edit_webJones-1649_edit_web Jones-1743_edit_webJones-1743_edit_web

What a beautiful family.  I feel so privileged to have captured your first family photos and look forward to seeing your little girl grow into a beautiful little lady! Jones-1716_edit_webJones-1716_edit_web Jones-1809_edit_webJones-1809_edit_web



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2014 Mini Session Dates Announced! http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/8/2014-mini-session-dates-announced

Good Afternoon Friends!

I'm back from our family vacation and in preparation of our first day of school here (in just 4 days), I have been updating my calendar. I know many of you have expressed interested in a Fall/Holiday mini-session.

I combed through the calendar and while it is filling up fast with those of you who took advantage of my Super Summer Specials, I was able to find two weekends.

PLEASE NOTE...due to a family event that just was added to our calendar, I had to change the original Saturday October 11th date to Sunday, October 5th.


2014 Mini Session-22014 Mini Session-2 I'm planning for the October day to be the traditional fall session, with the seasonal leaves, while the November date will have more of a wintery/Christmas feel.

While I have your attention, I also want to let you all know that November 16 will be the last day a session can be scheduled, for GUARANTEED Christmas delivery. Cards and products ordered from the November 15 mini-session will be delivered NO LATER than December 12.

Why schedule a mini session, you may ask yourself?

Well, I don't know about you, but it seems like my kids change from week to week!

Mini sessions offer a great opportunity to update that family photo without the cost (or time) of a full session.

And because I know that digital is the age in which we live...mini sessions are completely digital!

If it turns out that you just LOVE everything from your session (which is always my goal!), upgrade options will be available.

Some of these upgrades include:
Complete session disk (with custom printed cover and case) | $75
Print Package (1-8"x10; 2-5"x7"; 4-3.5"x5"; 8 wallets) | $75
Set of Three Mini Accordion Albums (another Customer Favorite) | $50
Printed Holiday Cards (a Customer Favorite) | Starting at $40


Ready to book your mini-session? Don't delay...sessions are limited and I expect they will fill quickly.

Click below to pay your session deposit, and then send me an email with your date choice (and preference of morning or afternoon session time), and I will provide you with a few times to choose from.

If you choose to upgrade your mini-session to include all of the EXTRAS in advance of your session, you will save $25!

Select One

Happy end of your summer.  I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing weekend.



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{PERSONAL POST} Family Beach Session http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/8/-personal-post-family-beach-session It's no secret that I LOVE the beach.  I think (no, I know) that I could live there...as long as my family was with me.  ;)  I would LOVE to live on the beach for the summer and invite all of my lovely clients to visit for beach photos!! 

Because, one of my favorite things about the beach is beach photos!  By now my husband and kiddos have learned that a trip to the beach will not be complete without a mini beach session.  And lucky for me, they are mostly cooperative.  We did have a few grouchy moments (from EACH of them individually), but for less than 40 minutes in SUPER hot and humid weather I am SO pleased with how they turned out. 

My family...These people are my heart and soul!  We had such a fun trip...can't wait to do it again!

MB2014-6139_Edit2_WebMB2014-6139_Edit2_Web My parents joined us for our trip this year, and my mom's birthday happened to fall during the week.  So, for her birthday, she asked for a group shop, a shot of her and my dad and one with her, my dad and the grandkids.  I can't wait to see the gallery wall she makes with these!

I think the shot of them with my kiddos is precious.

MB2014-6219_Edit2_WebMB2014-6219_Edit2_Web The group shot was a rather funny experience.  I originally positioned people, set the camera settings and tried to have a passerby, focus and shoot.  I wasn't too pleased with that one, as many of us were missing feet.  SO, I decided to position the camera on the railing of the boardwalk and use the self-timer (which I had to google to remember how to set, as I don't use it that often).  Because it was on the railing of the boardwalk, I had to tiptoe down the boardwalk and then quickly get into position (as I only had 10 seconds!).  I think it's perfect!  Hopefully a photo my mom will really treasure.

MB2014-6243_Edit_WebMB2014-6243_Edit_Web My momma and daddy!

MB2014-6416_Edit_WebMB2014-6416_Edit_Web And of course, I had to update the kiddos individual photos!

Tyler is our oldest son...8 years old!  In the first one I asked him to try and keep his eyes open, as he often squints his eyes up when he smiles.  Hasn't quite nailed the "natural eyes" yet. 

MB2014-6184_Edit_WebMB2014-6184_Edit_Web So, then I just let him laugh it off...and I LOVE these. 

MB2014-6188_Edit_WebMB2014-6188_Edit_Web MB2014-6189_Edit_WebMB2014-6189_Edit_Web Another try with the "open" eyes...getting better!

MB2014-6303_Edit_WebMB2014-6303_Edit_Web Lucas is our middle child and is 6 years old.  He can be my moody child when it comes to pictures.  So, you never know what you're going to get when it comes to him!  I often here "I'm done picturing", from this little guy.


I'm pretty pleased with these especially! MB2014-6261_Edit_WebMB2014-6261_Edit_Web MB2014-6264_Edit_WebMB2014-6264_Edit_Web And our little princess, Kate, who turned 4 last month.

MB2014-6083_Edit_WebMB2014-6083_Edit_Web MB2014-6309_Edit_WebMB2014-6309_Edit_Web MB2014-6322_Edit_WebMB2014-6322_Edit_Web MB2014-6086_Edit_WebMB2014-6086_Edit_Web And one of the three kiddos.  I just LOVE this one...and how Tyler looks like such a protective big brother!

MB2014_6289_Edit_WebMB2014_6289_Edit_Web At this point, the kiddos thought they were done...momma had some other ideas.  I wanted just two more shots, one of the three of them looking toward the ocean and with the ocean in the background.

MB2014-6329_Edit_WebMB2014-6329_Edit_Web MB2014-6341_Edit_WebMB2014-6341_Edit_Web They surprised me by cooperating (kind of) for one more family shot.  (Thanks to my momma for snapping the photos of us.)

MB2014-6354_Edit_WebMB2014-6354_Edit_Web After I said "Ok, we're done", they took off to the ocean!

MB2014-6398_Edit_WebMB2014-6398_Edit_Web MB2014-6402_Edit_WebMB2014-6402_Edit_Web After running of some energy in the ocean, they cooperated for a few final shots.  I just love the soft sky and ocean in the background of these!

MB2014-6390_Edit_WebMB2014-6390_Edit_Web MB2014-6410_Edit_WebMB2014-6410_Edit_Web MB2014-6375_Edit_WebMB2014-6375_Edit_Web And this is probably the most priceless picture from the entire session...I think she had to go potty!  LOL

MB2014-6377_Edit_WebMB2014-6377_Edit_Web I am so excited to get these printed and up onto walls...they represent one of the things our family loves to do most together, which is why the photos are so special to me!




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Time is Running Out! http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/8/time-is-running-out Don't miss your chance to purchase the 2014 Super Summer Special voucher!  With your choice of two difference vouchers, this special offers our best savings of the year.

Vouchers must be purchased by August 31, 2014.  However, those who purchase a session by  August 15, will receive a $50 product/print credit to use in addition to your voucher.  Sessions must be booked NO LATER than September 15, and must take place by October 12, 2014.

To purchase, select your voucher choice from the drop down below and simply click "buy now!".  You will be redirected to a secure PayPal page to complete your payment.  If you prefer to pay by check or credit card, simply EMAIL ME!


Voucher Options





Voucher Options


Don't forget the referral benefits.  If you refer THREE clients who book a session, you will receive VOUCHER #1 for FREE!!  Refer FIVE clients and receive VOUCHER #2!!

(Voucher Price is due at time and will be available via e-mail within 24 hours of purchase.  Vouchers are transferrable, but non-refundable.  (You can purchase as a gift...I'll even provide an e-gift certificate upon request).  All galleries will be provided within 10 business days of session date.  
Digital files for Voucher ONE will be emailed within 5 business days of selection.  Disks and Printed Items will be available for pick-up within 10 business days of selection.  You may upgrade to Voucher TWO on the day of your session for an additional $175 or after gallery delivery for an additional $200.)

Looking forward to seeing many of my previous clients this summer and fall and also meeting some new families! 


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Super Summer Special is BACK!! http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/5/super-summer-special The countdown to summer has begun in our house...just 16 days of school left for my older two children (our preschooler is out for the summer already!).  And 15 until my husband and I embark on our 10th anniversary vacation.  And I for one am so READY.  It's been one LONG winter here in Virginia!

SO, to celebrate the fact that summer is coming, I've decided to bring back my very popular Super Summer Specials!!  These are limited availability, so don't delay in purchasing.  You can buy today and schedule anytime before September 2014.  It could be great for your fall family photos, too!!

To purchase, click a button below for quick and easy processing!  Your voucher will be emailed to you within 24 hours, with instructions for booking!


Voucher #1:

Voucher #2:

Don't forget the referral benefits.  If you refer THREE clients who book a session, you will receive VOUCHER #1 for FREE!!  Refer FIVE clients and receive VOUCHER #2!!

Looking forward to seeing many of my previous clients this summer and also meeting some new families! 


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Jillian | 2014 Battlefield High Senior http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/4/jillian-2014-battlefield-high-senior Jillian

We were a little concerned that we might get rained out for this session.  Aside from a little breeze, which actually helped with some nice flowing hair shots, we really lucked out...as we didn't feel one drop of rain until about 2 minutes before the end of our session.  Couldn't have worked out better.  I love Jillian.  She is a smart, caring and intelligent young lady who also happens to be super photogenic.  I seriously don't think I got a bad shot our entire session!  Her long red hair, flawless skin and sparkly eyes made my job super easy.  Thanks Jill!  I hope you enjoy your preview.  :)

kerri@withlovestudio.com (With Love Photography) 2014 Senior Photographer 2014 Senior Photography 2015 Senior Photographer 2015 Senior Photography Battlefield High School Senior Photographer Battlefield High School Senior Photography Haymarket Senior Photographer Haymarket Senior Photography Haymarket, Va Photographer Northern Virginia Senior Photographer Northern Virginia Senior Photography Photographer Senior Photographer Senior Photography http://www.withlovestudio.com/blog/2014/4/jillian-2014-battlefield-high-senior Fri, 18 Apr 2014 23:48:30 GMT